+ Personal on-site consultation
+ Online consultation (telephone, email, webshop)
+ Free delivery within Switzerland
+ 24/7 shop for purchases at any time & anywhere
+ Customized products
+ Digitization via PVS
+ Inspection and repair of the products by experts
+ Rental via BRUGGrent
+ Team of specialized engineers and consultants
+ 24/7 emergency service on 365 days
+ Apps for your safety (Lifting App, Lashing App, and Safety App)
+ Training offers for users
+ Factory certificates are included

Why do you need a Brugg ID?
A Brugg ID provides you with an account which you can use across your Brugg Lifting Apps. For instance, you will use the same password to log on to each of PVS 4, Brugg.Safety, Online Shop and all future Brugg Lifting Apps.

Information for PVS users
Log on to PVS 4 once with your newly created Brugg ID, so that your data will be assigned correctly in the software. Subsequently, you have access to the full functionality of the Product Management System.